The aim of the Adria Project is to construct luxurious apartment houses on the beach of the picturesque Adriatic Sea for customers with high demands.

When selecting the location the primary criteria were that the houses should be close to the beach, but at a location with all the possible conveniences, too. Accordingly, we decided on Smokvica, a beautiful place with new lines of villas and cottages. This section of the beach is being developed now, with new activities of construction. The plans include rows of new apartment houses, villas and a **** hotel.


The apartments are equipped with high-capacity devices of air-conditioning – separate for the bedrooms and the halls. The comfort is further increased by electric floor heating in every season.

The apartments have floors coated with top quality covers made of wood or bamboo. The painting gives a Mediterranean atmosphere. The landscaped yards, parks and places of barbecue make everybody absolutely satisfied with the surroundings. Those staying in the apartments can enjoy the picturesque scenery, bathing in the light of the setting sun, every evening from the terraces looking on the sea.

The safety of the apartments is guaranteed by entrance doors with locks at several places and the caretaker of our company. During the nights the cars can be kept on the private driveways.

When requested, our company lawyer arranges all the details and formalities of a purchase from A to Z. Furthermore, we are also flexible to deal with individual requirements – if such arise in the process.




  • Overall management of projects and the relationship with customers
  • Full legal background
  • Giving experts’ advices regarding investment in real estates
  • Flexible conduct of cases to get residence permits
  • Administration in 4 languages (Russian, Croatian, German, English)
  • Obtaining building permits quickly
  • Establishing companies with short deadlines
  • Selling real estates for the purpose of tourism
  • Full scope of administration in connection with documents


Nagy Bálint
Managing Principal